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Lobster Tails Picture

Lobster Tails Besides Live Lobsters, we also provide Whole Raw Frozen Lobsters and also Lobster Tails to our clients. Our Lobster Tai...


Dried Nile Perch Fish Maw

Hangkui Sea-Products Co Ltd being among the top 3 ultimate producers and exporters of Dried Nile Perch Maw, we have been...


Nile Perch Fillets Picture

Nile Perch Fillets We have good quality IQF Nile Perch Fillets of the following: 500/600gr, 600/1000gr. 1000/1500gr, 1500/2000gr, 2000/2500...


Live Abalones Picture

Live Abalones Hangkui Sea-Products & Co. Ltd is among the ultimate harvesters and exporters of the Live Atlantic Abalones (Haliotis mi...


Dried Sea Cucumbers

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd processes 2 different kinds of dried sea cucumbers which are all collected from the wild. ...


Dried Seahorse Picture

Dried Seahorse Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd is among the top three legal exporters of high quality dried seahorse from Africa with an ...


Live Ornate Lobsters

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd is respected for the sourcing of one of the most highly valued specie of Lobsters know as ...


Live Mud Crabs

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd is the paramount collector and exporter of Live and Frozen African Mud Crabs, most commonl...


Dried Abalones Picture

Dried Abalones Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd being the ultimate and prime source and exporter of Dried African or Atlantic Abalones mos...


Live West Coast Rock Lobsters

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd is among the top 3 harvesters, processor and exporters of Live and Frozen Seafood products...


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